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A friend pointed out the documentary The Soviet Story, about which I had not heard anything yet, most likely because the mainstream media have been largely silent about it.  As incredible as that silence may seem, there are probably reasons for it.

The title of the documentary does not sit quite right.  After watching the documentary, considering what it covers, namely the history of the soviet regime’s systematic efforts to eradicate a large portion of its population and of the populations of the countries it occupied — prior to its collaboration with Hitler’s regime to that aim, during that collaboration, during the war and during the post-war period — it seems that a little more effort should have been given to devising a better title for the documentary.  Perhaps something like “The Soviet Democide”* or, perhaps better, because of its parallels to the holocaust eventually launched by Hitler, “The Soviet Holocaust.” (* Democide – the deliberate extermination of a people by its government.)

According to The Soviet Story, 20 million people or more were deliberately exterminated under Stalin.  However, according to sources cited by Professor Rummel, Stalin and some of the other communist leaders in Russia killed about 62 million people between 1917 and 1987.

That is not intended to take anything away from the message conveyed by the documentary: Socialism is deadly because it progresses toward totalitarianism, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.  An interesting aspect of The Soviet Story is that it illustrates, by juxtaposing propaganda posters and other aspects from the USSR and from Hitler’s Germany, that, other than the vastly differing scales of the democides by the respective regimes, there were few if any differences in the tactics for promoting democidal programs under either regime.

If you are not sure whether you should watch The Soviet Story, have a look at some of the reviews of the documentary.

It boggles the mind that Stalin could become an ally even though it was already well-known that he had exterminated at the very least 10 million people before Hitler had even started his war of conquest, and that Hitler had done little to begin his program of extermination until Stalin and Hitler began to collaborate in exterminating a large portion of the population of the conquered Poland that they had both invaded and divided amongst themselves.

The facts presented in The Soviet Story are indisputably true.  Many historians reported them (e. g.: Rudolf Rummel), but they have not become part of the history with which the students in our education system are being indoctrinated.  The reason for that omission is most likely that teachers’ associations and the ideologies driving many lecturers at our universities have solid Marxist roots.  It would never do to have Marxism identified as a murderous, democidal ideology.  That, of course, is also most likely part of the reason why,

On May 17, 2008 the Russian pro-governmental youth organization Young Russia (Russian: ?????? ???????) organized the protest “Let’s not allow the rewriting of history!” (Russian: “?? ????? ?????????? ???????!”)[13]  in front of the Embassy of Latvia in Moscow. An effigy representing Edv?ns Šnore [the director of The Soviet Story] was burnt during the protest.[14] (Source: Wikipedia)

A DVD of  The Soviet Story can be purchased through  The documentary is accessible free-of-charge online at MEFEEDIA. (85:33 minutes).  Update 2011 04 13: The link at MEFEEDIA no longer functions. Copyright violations or censorship because it is an inconvenient truth?  Who knows? Nevertheless, I bought the documentary on DVD and do not regret that I did.  I am making sure that it goes around.

Just found another link to an online copy of the documentary that still works.

See also the following web pages at Fathers for Life:

–Walter Schneider

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    The real reasons behind it.

    by John Burge © Copyright
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    First published in 1998

    Note that the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) was not called the Communist Republics but the Socialist Republics. Solzhenitsyn, in his address to the BBC on 26/3/76, said that socialism cost the Soviet Union 110,000,000 lives. [my emphasis –WHS] Note that he said socialism, not communism.


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