Children of divorce more prone to strokes as adults: Study

Children of divorce more prone to strokes as adults: Study

h/t to Gord Balik:

By Sharon Kirkey, Postmedia News November 22, 2010 Comments (3)

Divorcing parents usually worry about the long-term emotional impact their split could have on the kids, but new research suggests there may be a physical fallout, too.

The Canadian research suggests the children of divorce may be at a higher risk of stroke in their own adult years.

Based on more than 13,000 adults living in Manitoba and Saskatchewan, the research has found that those whose parents divorced when they were children had twice the odds of having a stroke at some time in their lives, a finding that held after researchers controlled for numerous known risk factors for stroke…..(Full Story)

Note by F4L: For interest’s sake, children of divorce are affected to virtually identical extents by other negative outcomes of divorce.  Here is what StatCan has to say:


Mind you, the issue of negative outcomes in children of divorce it not merely a Canadian, national problem, it is universal.  A variety of negative outcomes affect children wherever their parents separate and divorce:

Children of Divorce & Separation — Statistics

Consequences of father absence

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