US woman tried again in Hong Kong murder

Last updated 2019 05 01

A US woman tried again in Hong Kong murder. She did not get away with murder.  She is still in prison, the Tai Lam Centre for Women.


Hong Kong judge orders American retried for murder

A Hong Kong judge on Friday ordered American Nancy Kissel to stand trial again for the “milkshake” murder of her banker husband, handing a big setback to her defence team in the high profile case….

Her retrial is expected to begin on January 10, with a pretrial hearing on January 4….

While prosecutors portrayed Robert as a loving father, his wife said the former investment banker for Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch was a heavy drinker and cocaine user who was frequently sexually abusive. She also acknowledged having an affair with an electrician who worked at the couple’s vacation home in Vermont….(Full Story)

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