Wife, 74, found fit to stand trial

Well, it can’t be a full moon.  Looking at the sky last night told me that it isn’t, and the calendar tells me the same thing.  Nevertheless, here is another story in which the wife, the killer who is alleged to have shot her husband death, placed him in an incinerator so the coyotes would not eat him.  I am not kidding, but, of course, she is another victim, and the real culprit, “honestly, Your Honour,” is the dastardly husband who is not around any longer to testify on his own behalf.

Wife, 74, found fit to stand trial

Accused of shooting abusive husband, placing corpse inside incinerator

By Alexandra Zabjek, edmontonjournal.com
October 30, 2010

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It never fails.  When men kill someone there is never an excuse, and when women murder someone,  they are never at fault.  So, let’s see what will happen in this case.

Will there be a “guilty” verdict?  If so, will the judge sentence the alleged murderess to serve time in prison?

Experience tells us that perhaps there will be a guilty verdict, but that there also are mitigating circumstances that will be used to rationalize that the poor woman is really the victim in her case and had no choice but to defend herself by killing her husband, for which reason it would truly be a great injustice to have her serve any time in prison at all.

Besides, did she not do a service to humanity by killing him?  After all, he stank, because, as she said, honestly, Your Honour, he had not taken a bath for 25 years.

As she said, her husband of 50 years had “threatened to shoot her, cut her throat and to kill the two grandsons who lived with them…,” with the implication being that she had no other way to save herself. She just had to shoot him.

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