child apprehension trigger : poppy seed bagel

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Child apprehension trigger: poppy seed bagel, but where is the father?

Child Protective Services in Pennsylvania removed a one-day old baby from her mother because of a poppy seed bagel.

Where was the father?   The story does not mention a father, not even in any of the comments.  The moral is: fathers don’t matter.

Other than that,

Can eating poppy seeds really cause you to fail a drug test?

April 16, 2014 Emily Upton

Mark asks: Will eating poppy seed muffins cause you to fail a drug test?

When Elaine on Seinfeld failed a drug test after eating a poppy seed muffin back in the 1996 episode “The Shower Head,” the idea that you could fail a drug test after eating poppy seeds took off. Turns out, this wasn’t yet another Hollywood writer invention—you really can potentially fail a drug test if you eat poppy seeds…. More


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  1. Oct 12, 2010 12:10 am US/Eastern
    Mother Tests Positive For Drugs After Eating Bagel

    The poppyseeds on the bagel caused Liz Mort to test positive for drugs.

    A New Castle woman tested positive for drugs after eating a bagel with poppyseeds on it.

    As a result, her newborn baby was taken away from her.

    Liz Mort gave birth to Isabella back in April. After getting home from the hospital, CYS arrived at her door and took away her baby.

    In a test done at Jameson Hospital, Mort tested positive for drugs, but it didn’t make sense to her. Her doctor helped her figure out the “everything” bagel she ate hours before giving birth could explain the positive result….(Full Story)

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