Switzerland — Shelter for newly-separated husbands

Yahoo! News | The West Australian
10 September 2010

Swiss pioneer shelter for newly separated husbands
By Barbara Prevel, Reuters

Geneva (Reuters) – A trickle of newly separated Swiss fathers looking for
shelter and help after marital breakdown have been finding a warm bed and a
sympathetic ear from a pilot project on the shores of Lake Zurich.

Protestant pastor Andreas Cabalzar has founded Switzerland’s first shelter
for newly separated fathers in the Swiss village of Erlenbach, not far from
Geneva….(Full Story)

Battered men’s shelters

Although domestic violence is in the vast majority of cases mutual violence and slightly more often initiated by women that by men, there are., with extremely rare exceptions, no shelters in which battered men can find refuge with their children.

Over the years and decades during which battered women’s shelters became all-pervasive and virtually inexhaustible sources of revenues through found-raising  for feminist issues and programs in the developed nations, any attempts to establish battered men’s shelters faltered due to lack of funding and in some cases through obstruction by feminist-dominated and -controlled government bureaucracies.

Virtually all of the few battered men’s shelter that opened their doors and began to serve men in need on account of marital strife struggled for survival and in short order closed their doors again due to shortages of funding and other necessary resources.

You may wish to explore this issue in some more depth at the website of Fathers for Life.   Here is a list of pertinent articles and reports.

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