All my children (all 55 of them)

All my children (all 55 of them)

Paternity fraud with a twist, but still only a part of a much bigger business,1518,716798-4,00.html

Paris – He had claimed to be the natural father of 55 children – and now was exposed as a con-man.

A 55-year-old man from France confessed to have falsely claimed paternity of 55 children.  In each case he is said to have collected 150 to 200 Euros from the mothers of the children. The police stated that in return the women  were enabled to obtain residency permits.

Until now, most of the mothers had insisted that the man truly had been the father of their children. Some declared that they receive up to 7,500 Euros in government social assistance a month. The annual damage is estimated to amount to a total of almost a million Euros.

Information related to paternity fraud:

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