Australian newlyweds — Women far more violent than men

Thanks to Peter Forster

Taken from:

Halford, WK., Farrugia, C., Lizzio, A. & Wilson, K. (2010). Relationship aggression, violence and self-regulation in Australian newlywed couples. Australian Journal of Psychology, 62(2), 82-92.

“Female violence was more common than male violence, with 76 women (20%) and 34 men (9%) reported to have been violent. A two x two chi-square showed a significant association between female and male violence, ײ(I, n=379) = 90.23, p<.001. In violent couples the most common pattern was for only the woman to be violent (n=48/82 or 59% of violent couples), next most common was violence by both partners (n=28, 34%), and least common was male-only violence (n=6, 7%).”

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