Seven million visitors!

the men's movement cometh
The men’s movement cometh

You may wish to consider what is being stated in this video:

Research Biased Against Men We all know about male bashing on television. Sadly, there is a similar bias in mental health research. This video give a quick glimpse into three studies which show this anti-male bias. YouTube video by MenAreGood – 10 min.

If you wonder where those two goodies (the photo and the link to the video) came from, there’s a lot more like them at this website.


By the way, I happened to notice today that the website of Fathers for Life now ranks in 457,800th place of all websites in the world.  That is because traffic volume increased 20 percent during the past month.  Incidentally, the total number of visits to the website of Fathers for Life is now at more than seven million.


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