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Starving for Justice

STARVING FOR JUSTICE. Guest story by George Rolph Writing in the Independent Johann Hari reported on July 2nd 2010 how Goldman Sachs and “its swarm of Wall Street allies” had been causing massive starvation and riots around the world by … Continue reading

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Mother sues son she abandoned

This is outrageous! Mother sues son she abandoned B.C. woman, 71, seeks support from children under archaic statute By Denise Ryan, Postmedia News July 25, 2010 The Edmonton Journal When Ken Anderson was just 15, his mother, Shirley, made it … Continue reading

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Male Power?

Male Power? Why is changing a light bulb always a guy’s job? Because women have more important things to do – like making men feel useful and important by giving them things to do, like changing light bulbs. How many … Continue reading

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Seven million visitors!

Seven million visitors! You may wish to consider what is being stated in this video: Research Biased Against Men We all know about male bashing on television. Sadly, there is a similar bias in mental health research. This video give … Continue reading

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