Toddler’s hands dunked into boiling water

Toddler’s hands dunked into boiling water


June 18, 2009

Woman burns toddler, gets house arrest


WINNIPEG — An Ontario judge has handed down one of the most egregious sentences I’ve seen in a long time to a woman who forced a toddler’s hands into a pot of boiling water, causing fourth-degree burns.

For that, Superior Court Justice Helen MacLeod-Beliveau is the latest winner of the Eight-Ball Award, handed out in this column to highlight some of the worst perversions of justice in our [Canadian] court system….(Full Story)

Note by F4L: CNews got the date of the crime wrong in the article.  The crime against the little boy took place in 2007, not in 1997; but the following identifies an additional article about the case.

The IntelligencerJune 17, 2009

Mom seeking justice for child victims

Posted By Jeremy Ashley

At times, Damon Reddom Stone is a haunted four-year-old.

Sitting on his mother’s lap Monday, he ran his hands over her fingertips.

“He said, ‘Mommy, I wish I had normal hands like you,'” recalled Tina Reddom this week.

Every so often, she said, her youngster’s mind drifts back to the morning of Oct. 16, 2007 when a 24-year-old city woman – in a fit of supposed rage – forced his tiny hands into a pot of boiling water in the Applewood Drive apartment she shared with her then-boyfriend, Damon’s father.

Damon, who was two at the time, sustained serious burns and will require several surgeries, skin grafts and therapy to treat the wounds….(Full Story)

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