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Toddler’s hands dunked into boiling water

CNews June 18, 2009 Woman burns toddler, gets house arrest By TOM BRODBECK WINNIPEG — An Ontario judge has handed down one of the most egregious sentences I’ve seen in a long time to a woman who forced a toddler’s … Continue reading

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Sexual Orientation — Nature or Nurture?

It took the American Psychological Association a few years to catch up to the state of the science on sexual orientation, but here is the opinion the APA holds now, There is no consensus among scientists about the exact reasons … Continue reading

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Fred says…

….Purple-haired dyke feminists: These venomous lynxes have done enough harm that I shall have to be firm. All public doorways will have a spectrophotometer to detect purpleness at hair level. When this happens, a laser will light up and, ssssssssPOP! … Continue reading

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