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Why Men Earn More

Why Men Earn More The pay gap between what men and women earn continues to be in the news. New legislation that aims at eliminating that pay gap is constantly and repeatedly being put into force.  Yet, as Warren Farrell explained in a 2005 speech at the Cato Institute, there are very good reasons for the pay gap. The pay gap, where it exists, is due to women’s choices.  On the other hand, when women work just as men do — never marry, don’t have children, work in risky, stressful jobs, as many hours as never-married, childless men work at those jobs — women not only earn equal pay, they … Continue reading

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Help for Battered Men

Help for Battered Men The following contains a good and comprehensive collection of information and resources for men who are battered by their wives or girlfriends.  Unfortunately, the web page from which the information is quoted here does not indicate whether the sponsoring organization is still in operation. That does not mean that the crisis of bettered men does not exist.    Battered Men – The Hidden Side of Domestic Violence Help for Battered Men Battered Man? Here’s What You Can Do Resources for Battered Men Note: If you have been the victim of domestic violence, please e-mail me and tell me about it. What happened? Did you tell … Continue reading

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Children harmed by sole custody, report says

The Toronto Star 3 April 2009 Children harmed by sole custody, report says Canadian judges rarely use voluntary arrangements in which kids live with each parent roughly equally By Susan Pigg, Living Reporter Family court judges are misguidedly harming children by granting sole custody to one parent – usually the mother – in bitter divorce battles, says a comprehensive new report.[*] Too many children are being “robbed of the love of one parent” by a legal system that is out of touch with the needs of children and treats them like property to be won or lost, says Edward Kruk, an expert on child custody issues….(Full Story) __________________ * Note … Continue reading

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An unmarried husband: Unwelcome reality

The Free Lance-Star March 29, 2009 1:14 am An unmarried husband: Unwelcome reality By Stephen Baskerville –The decline of the family now affects virtually every American and seriously threatens not only social order but freedom and constitutional government. G.K. Chesterton once observed that the family checks government power. He was writing about divorce: Despite other threats to the family, divorce remains the most serious. Americans would be shocked if they knew what goes on in the name of divorce. Divorce today licenses unprecedented government intrusion, including the power to seize children, loot family savings, and incarcerate parents without trial. The full implications of the “no-fault” revolution have never been publicly … Continue reading

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Using kids as weapons

Using kids as weapons ——– Original Message ——– Subject:    [Mention] Parental Alienation: Using kids as weapons (Barbara Kay) Date:    Thu, 02 Apr 2009 11:11:28 +1100 Quote: Critics of PAS fret that the syndrome is being exploited by abusive parents as a ploy to enforce visitation or custody of justifiably resistant children. However, abused children present a notably different affect from the alienated. An abused child is reluctant to discuss what has been done to him and must be coaxed to reveal his secret. Even then, he doesn’t express hatred of the abusing parent, as he longs for a healed relationship. By contrast, a PAS child exhibits classic symptoms of brainwashing, … Continue reading

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