Escalating child abuse — outcome of systematic social engineering

Escalating child abuse — outcome of systematic social engineering

Here is a link to an article that chronicles the unimaginable cruelty that led to the death of “Baby P”.

The second article identified in the following illustrates that the unimaginable cruelty that led to the torturous death of “Baby P” in the U.K. is the unavoidable consequence of efforts aiming at the planned destruction of the family.

The article identifies that the planned destruction of the family is being implemented through the systematic removal of natural fathers from the lives of their children.

The Salesbury Review (U.K.)
Spring 2009

Baby P and the Child Abuse Industry

Written by Stephen Baskerville

The Baby P killing reveals the child abuse industry at its most cynical. The Soviet-style ineptitude revealed daily is the product not of poor training or underfunding but of the logic inherent in bureaucratic politics.

We have long known what causes child abuse and why children like Baby P die. The vast preponderance of child abuse and child deaths occurs in single-parent homes. Very little abuse takes place in married, two-parent families. London’s Family Education Trust long ago demonstrated that children are up to 33 times more likely to suffer serious abuse and 73 times more likely to suffer fatal abuse in the home of a mother with a live-in boyfriend or stepfather than in an intact family.

Figures from the US Justice Department show that single mothers accounted for 55 per cent of child murders. Shorn of politically correct euphemism, what this means is that the principal impediment to child abuse is a father. “Fathers have often played the protector role inside families,” writes Adrienne Burgess of Fathers Direct. A study in the journal Adolescent and Family Health found that “The presence of the father — placed the child at lesser risk for child sexual abuse.”

Yet instead of allowing fathers to protect their children, fathers are forcibly and systematically removed from their homes and children by family courts with the active support of social work bureaucracies….(Full Story)

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