UNFPA : Family breakdown human rights triumph

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UNFPA declares family breakdown to be a human rights triumph.

3 February 2009

United Nations Population Fund Leader Says Family Breakdown is a Triumph for Human Rights

By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

Mexico City – A leader in the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) has declared that the breakdown of traditional families, far from being a “crisis,” is actually a triumph for human rights.

Speaking at a colloquium held last month at Colegio Mexico in Mexico City, UNFPA representative Arie Hoekman denounced the idea that high rates of divorce and out-of-wedlock births represent a social crisis, claiming that they represent instead the triumph of “human rights” against “patriarchy.”….(Full Story)

F4L:  The statement by the UNFPA‘s Arie Hoekman should not come as a surprise to anyone.  It merely illustrates that all along the UNFPA’s goal has been to implement the agenda for the planned destruction of the family.  Even that should not come as a surprise.  Check this:

US Committee on Ways and Means
FC-8 Hearing on Waste, Fraud, and Abuse July 17, 2003

Statement of Bill Wood, Charlotte, North Carolina

A personal submission not on behalf of anyone else and these are my own views.


Political leaders, religious leaders, conservatives, families (especially fathers), judges,  and interested lawyers, along with the vast majority of Americans who believe in ideals of family and country must understand that open WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED ON THEM AND THIS COUNTRY.  And it’s coming from many of the institutions that our taxes are funding and supporting!  In terms of financial and human costs this war on America has been the most destructive war in America’s history….(Full Story Sorry, but that link at waysandmean.house.gov no longer functions.  Bill Wood’s testimony is no longer accessible at that website, but the original text of the testimony can be accessed here or at the Internet Archive.)

That has been known in Canada ever since Pierre Elliot Trudeau proved that socialism, communism and feminism are one and the same, when in the 1960s he began the program for imposing the evolution of socialism on the Canadian population.

However, it would not be fair to single out Trudeau for doing his part in bringing about the “slow march through the culture” that Antonio Gramsci had called for, so as to revive and conclude the communist conquest of the world in which the brand of Marxism promoted by the Comintern had failed so miserably.

The consequences of the cultural revolution promoted by those who pursued and still pursue Gramsci’s prescription for social revolution are now endemic in all developed nations.  The statement by the head of the UNFPA, rejoicing that family breakdown is a triumph for human rights, shows that things have progressed so far to that end that it is perfectly alright for non-elected bureaucrats to publicly revel and wallow in the consequences of the world-wide social destruction and chaos they set out, and helped, to create.

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