Muslim Grannie: Jihadi By Day, Rape Coordinator by Night

Muslim Grannie: Jihadi By Day, Rape Coordinator by Night
from MND: Your Daily Dose of Counter-Theory by Warner Todd Huston

Folks, this is the kind of sickness we are facing with the world wide Jihadi assault on civilization. Here we have the heartwarming story of kindly grandma Um al-Mumenin. She’s just the local little old lady that all the kiddies love, that’s all. She bakes cookies, loves the kids and instructs all the local young ladies on the fine art of suicide bombing. Yep, she’s an all around community organizer, she is. But, before she takes up the important instruction of all those girls eager for martyrdom, she arranges to have them raped so that later when she recruits them they are mentally “prepared” to feel that suicide bombing is the only way to regain their lost “honor.”

Ain’t she just the cutest lil’ ol’ thing?…(Full Story)

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06th February 2009

Face to face with the women suicide bombers

By Kevin Toolis

Some are raped, others ruthlessly brainwashed. In this exclusive dispatch, KEVIN TOOLIS meets the women who become Al Qaeda’s human bombs….(Full Story)

#WomenJihadis #WomenSuicideBombers

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  1. SMP says:

    Nothing surprises me from these people anymore. We are in so much trouble and it will only get worse because Islamic Expansionism has seen to “equalizing” America to the point we’re closing down the one place we could keep the captured terrorists safely away from us. I try not to lose hope in the world. It’s already hard doing the work I do with sexually abused kids. Now this. We need something positive to happen fast.

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