Barbara Kay: Brainwashing the kids to spite the ex

Barbara Kay: Brainwashing the kids to spite the ex

National Post
January 30, 2009

by Kelly McParland and Barbara Kay

In what has been called a “stunning and unusual family law decision” released Jan. 16, a Toronto father was awarded sole custody of his three daughters, aged nine to 14. The “persistent and overwhelming” campaign by the mother over the course of more than a decade was recognized as emotional abuse by Ontario Superior Court Justice Faye McWatt, and the children have been sent to a California therapeutic recovery centre for treatment.

The couple, known as A. L. and K. D., have had a volatile relationship since they met 15 years ago. In spite of K. D. falsely alleging that A. L. sexually abused their first child, the couple had two more children between bouts of disaffection. K. D. — herself dominated by a vindictive mother who had beaten her in childhood– repeatedly called police after provoking physical confrontations with A. L., and frequently bad-mouthed him in front of the children….(Full Story Sorry, but that link no longer functions, and no copy of the article got save in the Internet Archive.)

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