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A feminist defines sexism

Mon, 16 Feb 2009, Rina Mackereth wrote to on the subject of “The definition of sexism”. Rina stated: To Fathers for Life, The definition of feminism according to one of the great feminists, Bell Hooks, is: “feminism is a … Continue reading

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Heart Attack

By way of background, in the morning of last Saturday I became rudely interrupted by a serious heart attack, was transported to the University of Alberta Hospital, underwent coronary angioplasty, had a blockage removed in one of my coronary arteries, … Continue reading

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Intimate Partner Violence a Mutual Dance 2009 02 10 ‘She’d put cigarettes out on me’ By Jim Reed Newsbeat reporter Men in England and Wales aged between 20 and 24 are just as likely to be abused by their partners as women in the same … Continue reading

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‘Squatter’ forces man out of home February 10, 2009 No-contact order with girlfriend keeps man out of his own house By TONY BLAIS, SUN MEDIA EDMONTON — In a bizarre case before the courts, an Edmonton man has been forbidden from going to his own … Continue reading

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Young woman booted from team for being straight 2009 02 13 By Pete Chagnon and Jody Brown Central Michigan University is being sued after one of their women’s basketball players said she was kicked off the team due to her heterosexuality. Brooke Heike was a high school … Continue reading

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Stimulus package explained

From: GOPUSA CONSERVATIVE ACTIVIST 2009 02 13 Sometime this year, taxpayers will receive an Economic Stimulus Payment. This is a very exciting new program that I will explain using the Q and A format: Q. What is an Economic Stimulus … Continue reading

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Destroying the Faith of the Catholic Church Left Wing of the Catholic Church Destroying the Faith Says Orthodox RabbiBy Hilary White, Rome correspondent ROME, February 11, 2009 ( – The dissident, leftist movement in the Catholic Church over the last forty years has severely undermined the … Continue reading

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HELP IS NEEDED! [for a man and loving father who is a victim of an epidemic of rape hysteria in Ellsworth, Maine] When you think it could not get any worse for a man and his children I assure you … Continue reading

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Violent Women Redux

The following are excerpts from and links to a few articles on the subject of violent women. Quote 1: …Miss Laframboise neatly turns the MacKinnon ravings (such as “Compare victim’s reports of rape with women’s reports of sex. They are … Continue reading

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Britain capitulates to Islamic terror, U.K. 2009 02 11 Britain capitulates to terror By Melanie Phillips If anyone had doubted the extent to which Britain has capitulated to Islamic terror, the banning of Geert Wilders a few hours ago should surely open their eyes. … Continue reading

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