Police officer obviously beaten to death by his wife

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e110 Crime Aktuell, Germany

2009 01 25

Marital conflict in Augsburg: Police officer obviously beaten to death by his wife

Augsburg (ddp): During a marital conflict, a 46-year-old police officer was obviously beaten to death by his 13-years-younger wife.  According to an announcement by police, today, the man’s corpse had been found by a passer-by in a country lane in the Augsburg Municipal District.  The man had had both legs removed.  Those were found about 600 Meters away, in a pastic bag.  The 33-year-old wife was arrested a little later.

According to details by the police, the marriage of the couple had been dominated “already by long-lasting tensions”.  On Friday the wife had reported to police that her husband had left their house on foot, without mentioning reasons and without a known destination.  Numerous patrol cars, police-dog handlers and a police helicopter participated in the subsequent search.

Suspicions based on witness statements

When the body was found, investigators asked individuals out of the social surroundings of the deceased.  According to officials, that led to the wife being suspected.

The exact chain of events and the background of the deed have not yet been determined unambiguously.  According to first perceptions, the deceased died on account of massive, violent head trauma.  The couple has two children of the age of one-and-a-half and four years.  Those are in the care of the grandparents.  (German-language source)


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