39-year-old mother accused of having sex with teen boys

Update 2012 12 30: Added comments and related links

Middletown Journal, Ohio, USA


39-year-old mother accused of having sex with teen boys
Trenton police suspect woman of having sexual conduct with two males she allegedly met through her own children.

By Lauren Pack

Staff Writer

Saturday, January 24, 2009

HAMILTON — A 39-year-old woman is facing two charges for allegedly having sex with two teenage boys over the past two years.

Tracy Conley, who lists addresses on Trenton-Franklin Road in Madison Twp. and Weeping Willow Drive in St. Clair Twp. in court documents, was indicted last month on two counts of unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, a third-degree felony….(Full Story The link is now broken, and I could not find a working link to the original article. —Walter)

F4L: The article does not mention it, but a 39-year-old mother having sex with under-age boys is statutory rape.

2018 12 30: In trying to find a working link for the original article or for a copy of it, I became amazed, once again, that a search of the Internet produced such an extraordinarily large number of entries on the list of search returns for a mundane search string like “A 39-year-old woman is facing two charges for allegedly having sex with two teenage boys over the past two years.” (81,700 results with Bing)

Narrowing the search down, to constrain it to the exact phrase (with Freefind),  produced three entries on the search return list, one of which is a link to this blog posting, while none of them contained the original article or a link to it.

I changed the search to “Tracy Conley” (on Freefind) and found only four references to this blog but 16,500 results via Bing.  Expanding the character string to “Tracy Conley” “sex with teenage boys” (on Bing) produced 14,600 results, of which the first few I checked were relevant to the case.  The third one of those, leads to an excerpt from an article (no link to the original article) that provides information on what sentence was handed down:

Tuesday, May 26, 2009
Ohio Woman Sentenced for Sex with Boys – Updated

(Hamilton, Ohio) In April 2009, 39-year-old registered nurse Tracy Conley pleaded guilty in accordance with a plea agreement to reduced charges of attempted unlawful conduct with a minor, a fifth-degree felony, stemming from sex acts with boys, ages 13 and 14.

As a result, Butler County Common Pleas Judge Charles Pater today sentenced Conley to 90 days in the Butler County Jail. Conley was also sentenced to three years of community control and ordered to register as a sex offender. 

Furthermore, during the proceedings Judge Pater voiced some of his concerns about the case.The judge said some in society may believe young boys are not harmed by this type of sexual abuse, but that is not the case.

“If it was a 39-year-old man and a 13-year-old girl, we’re in a different ball game, Pater said. 

“I’m not going to sent you to prison now, but I am not going to let you walk away now. I am going to let you have a little taste.”

A little taste of justice, eh? I suppose that’s less than a full measure. In any event, it appears that Judge Pater joins the ranks of jurists who believe that women committing child sex crimes are not as criminal as men committing child sex crimes.

Right! In spite of reality staring us into the face via tens of thousands of reports indicating that there is no reason for insisting on the myth of female innocence, two tiers of “justice” exist – apparently for no other reason than that women must be treated as imbecile, legal minors.  Obviously, women may not under any circumstances be held responsible for their actions as fully capable adults.

Adult women commit adult crimes but are virtually without exception treated as irresponsible, imbecile, legally minor individuals for committing them.


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