Women staged sexual assault. Man helped.

Women staged sexual assault. Man helped. Perpetrators not charged.


Prosecutors: Sexual Assaults Staged
By Marissa Cleaver

2009 01 23

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — Federal Prosecutors say an alleged sexual assault and attack in the Waldo neighborhood was staged.

Federal prosecutors charged Julie Bernet, 39, of Bucrys, Mo. And Gordon Reabe, Jr., 33 of Lee’s Summit, Mo. with wire fraud on Thursday.

Court documents say Bernet and 23-year old Lindsey Crawford offered to pay Reabe $100,000 to duct tape them and assault both women inside Carwford’s garage on Nov. 25, 2008….

Prosecutors say the women hoped the attacks would force a higher settlement of their sexual harassment lawsuit against a former employer….

Crawford has not been charged….(Full Story)


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