Chinese woman given death sentence

Chinese woman given death sentence

Sidney Morning Herald; Australia

Elaine Kurtenbach
January 17, 2009

A court in central China has sentenced a woman to death for hiring someone to strangle her 9-year-old son so she could have another child with her new husband without violating population laws, a court official and reports said….(Full Story)


F4L:  The article blames China’s one-child policy for what the woman did.  It also mentions that the woman “first paid 70,000 yuan ($A15,000 or $Cdn12,570 ) to have a man named Wang Ruijie kill her second husband’s daughter, but the girl resisted and escaped.” So, with that failing, she appears to have decided that killing her own son was not worth paying for and did it herself.

With that, we know what a child’s life is worth to her, but all efforts to exonerate her to the contrary, murder is murder.  At least in China there is no excuse for the murder of a child that was allowed to live and be born.

Mind you, the death sentence she received will possibly be commuted to life in prison.


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