Dads Wanted !

Dads Wanted !

Tanni Haas, a Brooklyn-based author and father of a 5-year old boy, is writing a book about fatherhood.

To that end, he is looking for fathers of all ages and backgrounds to share their favorite “Daddy Moments” – situations where they learned something significant about what one should or should not do as a dad. These anecdotes can deal with any aspect of fatherhood, from the first time you changed the diaper on your newborn to saving money for your college-bound teenagers. Your observations can be serious, funny, self-reflective – and everything else in between. You decide!

If you want to share your favorite “Daddy Moments,” please access the following brief (one-page) questionnaire:

The survey is no longer accessible, its results unkown, perhaps never published, as it appears that Tanni Haas did not get around to write the book on fatherhood he intended to write.  At he very least, the intended book apparently was not published. does not have a record of it.

What happened?  Did Tanni Haas lose interest in the issues and aspects of fatherhood?


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