Woman tearfully denies role in foster child’s death

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Woman tearfully denies role in foster child’s death

The Edmonton Journal

November 18, 2008

He smashed his own head against wall, toilet, accused tells court

By Ryan Cormier

EDMONTON – A woman on trial for second-degree murder denied any role in her foster child’s death when she took the stand Monday.

The woman, who cannot be identified, cried as she directly addressed the jury throughout her testimony.

“No, I didn’t,” she replied when asked if she caused or had anything to with the death of the child, who also cannot be identified. The woman denied ever hitting the child, or locking him in a garage to punish misbehaviour. An older foster child who previously testified accused the woman of mistreating the boy…. Full Story (2018 04 17: That link no longer functions.  No copy of the article can be found in the Internet Archive. No copy of the article could be found *anywhere* on the Internet.)

Addendum 2018 04 17: Justice not only needs to be done, it needs to be seen to be done.  Nevertheless, the media appear to be doing their best to not only obfuscate objective reporting of crimes (especially those committed by women), they do their best to put articles about crimes by women not only on the back pages but to wipe them from history.  That is downright Orwellian (who controls the present controls the past).

That contributes to circumstances that cause the Internet not to be a reliable, objective source of historical information.

#ChildMurder #WomensViolence

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