Credit-card thief prosecuted as sex-offender

….Mr. Soucia was a thief: more precisely he stole a credit card. And, as a result, he was prosecuted “under the ‘Sex Offender Management and Treatment Act’.” How’s that!!

What gave the low-life prosecutor, aptly named James Conboy, the excuse was that the young man used the stolen credit to hire some strippers. In the logical world of Mr. Conboy: “If you commit a burglary and your goal is because of your own sexual gratification, it’s a sexually motivated felony.”

….Conboy admitted that by pretending that common theft was now a sex crime he could get a longer sentence for the offense. In addition the young thief will have to register as a dangerous sex offender….(Full Story)

F4L: The Nazis had laws like that (no, sorry, they didn’t — they just interpreted their laws any way they wanted), just to turn every Jew into a criminal.

So what?  Men are now the Jews of the third millennium.

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