Woman critically burned husband in arson

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Woman critically burned husband in arson

MaineToday.com, Maine, USA

Woman arrested, husband critically burned in Wells fire

By Edward D. Murphy

January 08, 2009 10:20 AM

WELLS — Police have charged a woman with arson after a fire in her apartment left her husband burned over 85 percent of his body.

Police said they arrested Kimberly Spampinato, 42, when she turned herself in at the Wells Police Department shortly after the Harbor Road fire was reported after midnight.

Police said her husband, Christopher Spampinato, 39, was asleep when the fire broke out. Police found him sitting on the front steps to the apartment house, critically burned, when they responded to the report of the fire….(Full Story The preceding link is now broken, but this is a functioning link to an article on the case.)

PS. Is it too much to hope for that attempts to commit spousal murder by arson will not increase in popularity?


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