Mom shoots son in face

Updated 2019 01 15: Added links to related articles.; Rockford, Il, USA

Local Woman Allegedly Shoots Son in Face

Jan 9, 2009

A 47-year-old local woman is arrested after police say she shot her son in the face.

Winnebago County detectives say it happened inside this home on Horace Avenue.

Nicholas Bryant, 24-years-old, was then taken to Rockford Memorial by family members.

After some questioning, investigators arrested Felicia Washington-Graves. She’s facing several charges including attempted murder. Detectives have also recovered a weapon. No word on Bryant’s condition…..(Source)

It was not possible to determine whether Felicia Washington-Graves was ever taken to trial on any of the charges against her, nor whether her son survived the attempt to murder him.

If legal precedents are anything to go by, it is customary to avoid taking women to trial on charges against them.  If that is not done for some unfathomable reason, then the woman is quite likely to be able to get away with murder, either by plea-bargaining the charges against her down, or by giving her a light or perhaps only nominal sentence if she should happen to be found guilty.


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