Woman who murdered husband not charged

Woman who murdered husband not charged

DA won’t charge wife who killed abusive husband

This story may indicate we’ve moved to a new stage in our treatment of women who kill their husbands: if she alleges abuse, don’t bother filing charges. Kill your husband, claim abuse, walk away. There’s no indication the wife was in immediate danger nor are details provided about the man’s alleged “pattern of violence.”


“More than a year after the shooting death of Trinidad attorney Jim Tatum by his wife Ann, a court-appointed prosecutor has decided not to file criminal charges.

The shooting in the Tatum home just outside Trinidad ended a stormy marriage. Although Ann Tatum never denied shooting her husband multiple times in their kitchen — the event was witnessed by a deputy sheriff — Jim Tatum’s pattern of violence against her surfaced early on as a possible legal defense.” …. Full story (Sorrry.  That link no longer functions, and not copy of the article clould be found anywhere on the Internet, not even in the Internet Archive.)


F4L: Of course, the alleged perpetrator of the violence against the woman is no longer around to defend himself.  He received his “just” deserves and is now quite dead.

Whatever happened to the maxim that “there is no excuse” when it comes to domestic violence?

Do we deserve two sets of laws or two sets of interpretations of the law?  We must, because, all evidence to the contrary, “women are good and men are bad.”

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