Drunk woman driver kills toddler

UK: Female drunk driver jailed for seven years for toddler’s death

Story here. Excerpt:

The mother of a toddler crushed to death against school gates by the 4×4 of a drink driver said today: ‘Every day is a living hell.’

Tina Woods, 31, was speaking after a woman was jailed for seven years for causing the death of her 15-month-old son Finlay.

The boy was in his pushchair with his mother when a Toyota Hilux veered towards them outside Selwyn primary school in Chingford last September.

At the wheel was Katie Gutierrez-Perez, 40, who was driving to hospital after a failed suicide attempt and had binged on drink and sleeping pills.

Witnesses said that after the initial impact the 4×4 repeatedly rammed into the gates, each time crushing the pushchair, Snaresbrook Crown Court in London heard.

Twenty parents and passers-by tried to lift the car off him but he died of severe head injuries.’

Update 2009 01 08:

Drunk woman driver who killed toddler jailed

The Sun, U.K.

2009 01 08

4×4 buggy killer driver is jailed

Crime Editor

A WOMAN who killed a toddler by smashing her 4×4 into his pushchair was jailed for seven years yesterday.

Suicidal Katie Gutierrez-Perez, 40, had swallowed sleeping pills, cider and wine after bailiffs snatched her home and business — but was driving to hospital after a change of heart. …(Full Story)

F4L: She was not truly suicidal, right?  After all, if she really would have been, she would not have been driving.  I wonder why she did not call 999?  Was her phone cut off, or did she think that it was easier to drive in her condition instead of dialing 999?  Was her neighbour’s phone cut off, too?

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