Woman murders husband when burning his penis

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Woman murders husband when burning his penis

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Woman accused in fatal burning of sleeping husband

2009 01 06

ADELAIDE, Australia (AP) — An Australian woman accused of setting her husband’s genitals on fire because she thought he was having an affair has been charged with murder.

Prosecutors said 44-year-old Rajini Narayan confessed to neighbors that she set her husband on fire on Dec. 8, 2008, after she saw him hug another woman…. Full Story (Sorry, but that link no longer works. Here is another version of the article.)


F4L:  The article states that Rajini Narayan doused her sleeping husband’s penis by using an alcohol-based cleaning fluid and then set it on fire.  He jumped up, overturned the bottle with the cleaning fluid, thereby causing the fire to spread.  So she said, but that is not quite how things went down.  It eventually turned out that the “cleaning fluid” was gasoline, and that the bottle of it was a one-gallon can of gasoline.

Rajini Narayan: “I just wanted to burn his penis so it belongs to me and no one else. … I didn’t mean this to happen.”

Right, and as there will be a psychiatric evaluation that will be heard in court this week. It will without a doubt be decided that, firstly, she did not mean this to happen, and that, secondly, it was her inner demons or the devil that made her do it.  Therefore, she will most likely be let off lightly.

The death of her husband?  So what?  He is only a man, she is the victim – even if only of her own perceptions – and the property damage does not matter much because it is covered by insurance anyway.  After all, her husband’s penis was her property with which she could do what she wanted.  That he died was the result of an accident caused by him.  He should not have jumped up and should have taken his deserved punishment like a man, lying down.  The cad, hugging another woman, how dare he!  But did he?  We only have her word for it.

Anyway, we soon found out the price of a man’s life in Australia.  Here are links to articles that report how the case developed.  According to AdelaideNow, April 13, 2011, penis-burning killer-wife Rajini Narayan walked free.


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6 Responses to Woman murders husband when burning his penis

  1. AdelaideNow, April 13, 2011

    Penis-burning wife Rajini Narayan walks free

    It was predictable and predicted accurately. Again, a murderess or (if you don’t want that sexist term) a murderer walks, proving once more that women are incapable of committing crimes, especially the crime of murder.

    She murdered her husband. She did it deliberately. It was premeditated.

    However, in the latest hearing in a series that was nothing more than a travesty of justice, the murderer was set free, because — and you better believe it as it surely must be so on account of a judge assuring it on the basis of the true victim’s unsubstantiated assertions — she is the real victim, and not the husband whom she deliberately murdered by throwing gasoline on him and setting it on fire,


    In sentencing today, Justice Sulan said Narayan had “deified” her husband and was “shattered” by his betrayal.

    He said there was “no doubt” her thinking at the time was “unrealistic, muddled and illogical”.

    “For the first time in your life you had confronted your husband, had found the courage to be assertive to the person who had mistreated you for 20 years,” he said.

    “His response was to treat you with disdain, dismiss you and turn his back to you (and) you snapped.”

    Justice Sulan further ordered Narayan be under Correctional Services supervision for two years, and undertake psychological counselling as ordered.


    There you go, straight from the judge’s mouth, women are not possibly capable of murder.

    There is never an excuse when men murder. When women murder, no excuse is necessary. It is a waste of the valuable time of our courts to even have to contemplate excuses when women murder. Women cannot and do not commit murders.

  2. The Australian, Mar. 10, 2011

    Wife was provoked into setting fire to her husband, court is told


    AN Adelaide woman who killed her husband by dousing him with petrol and setting him on fire was clearly provoked, a judge has said.

    Rajini Narayan has been found not guilty of murder but guilty of the manslaughter of 47-year-old Satish Narayan in December 2008.

  3. A fitting conclusion to this and many other insanities like it, for putting men in their place, is this reminder of what men, their fathers and grandfathers fight and fought for. Lest we forget.

    Unfortunately, the sentencing of the husband-killer is not done yet. By the time that will be over, no one will care much anymore that another slice has been taken away from the rights of men.

  4. Oh, the poor woman, and the terrible husband she had. Too bad he is no longer around. Unfortunately, she murdered him. Thereby he escaped all opportunities to punish him to the full extent of the law.

    It appears that the right thing to do is now to release her on a conditional sentence for manslaughter, although even that may be too much in her case, but that is what she is asking for, to enable her to atone for her error in judgment, whereby she turned a relatively benign purification of the tip of his penis into the regretful accidental death of her husband to whom she was without a doubt devoted.

    “Yes, your Honour, that is how it happened, and I am sorry that things went so terribly wrong, but he deserved it. He bullied and had even beaten our children.”

    You don’t believe it? Well, check these articles:

    Slain father Satish Narayan ‘beat, bullied kids’
    Rajini Narayan “snapped” after finding out about her husband’s affair. …but wanted to burn the tip of his penis in the mistaken belief it would stop him …(Full Story)

    Husband burner wants suspended sentence
    Rajini Narayan was found not guilty of murder but guilty of the manslaughter … She said she initially wanted only to burn the tip of his penis to “purify” …(Full Story)

    Court urged not to jail genital burner
    ABC Online
    Rajini Narayan was found guilty of manslaughter for dousing her husband, … she had planned to burn his penis as a minor circumcision after learning he had …(Full Story)

  5. Just about missed the latest on this one.

    A DEVOTED wife who fatally set her husband alight while trying to burn a mark on his penis has been acquitted of murder.

    After deliberating for nine hours over two days, a Supreme Court jury today found Rajini Narayan not guilty, by majority verdict, of murder.

    They instead ruled her crime – throwing petrol and a lit candle onto the back of her husband, Satish – was manslaughter.

    That sort of devotion anyone would want to do without. Still, she got her wish, she lit his penis. So, there was a bit of collateral damage. That does not matter much, besides, her husband is not longer around to offer his opinion on her devotion.

    Rajini Narayan cleared of murder, guilty of manslaughter for burning husband over penis argument

    AN ADELAIDE woman has been cleared of murdering her husband after snapping, throwing petrol on him and setting him on fire when he scorned her plan to save their marriage by purifying his penis.

    But Rajini Narayan, 46, was found guilty of manslaughter on Wednesday, at the end of her South Australian Supreme Court trial for murdering 47-year-old Satish Narayan in December 2008.

    Hmmm, she purified his penis, and she just happened to have the gasoline on hand in their bedroom to make a good job of the purification.

    That was right after “She snapped and threw petrol on his back when he turned away from her saying “no you won’t, you fat, dumb bitch”,” upon which she probably must have responded like this, “My dearest husband, to whom I am so exceedingly devoted, permit me to clean the tip of your penis,” and proceeded to light him on fire. “It was just an accident, your Honor, honestly, I am telling the truth.” Yup, I am sure that’s how it was. The poor woman and the horror of it all. I hope that she comes out of it alright. Things like that can leave permanent emotional scars.

  6. The case is now being tried.

    The Age (Melbourne), 29 September 2010

    Burnt penis ugly to other women

    By Tim Dornin

    AAP – A woman charged with murdering her husband told a neighbour she only wanted to burn and disfigure his penis so other women wouldn’t want to look at it, a court has heard.

    Witness John Chandler told the South Australian Supreme Court on Wednesday that Rajini Narayan said she started the fire in her family’s home which caused the death of her husband Satish Narayan in 2008.

    The 46-year-old woman has been accused of pouring petrol over her husband and setting him on fire because she believed he was cheating on her….(Full Story)

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