What a choice! Absconding vs. Insanity and Despair

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What a choice! Absconding vs. Insanity and Despair, neither one will make individuals or society blissfully happy.  Still, just as any society gets the government it wants and therefore deserves, so with its choice of ideology to drive its social evolution.  Whether the ideology will lead it to new heights or down the slippery slope to its destruction, the choices it makes to achieve either end are deliberate.


Fri, Jan 02, 2009

Fathers once more the whipping boys of unfair system

Recent finger-pointing at absent fathers ignores a society that deprives men of their rights as parents, writes John Waters

THIS CHRISTMAS, we were again treated to a front-page attack on fathers, this time from a senior member of the St Vincent de Paul Society (SVP). “State must make absent fathers pay” roared the lead headline in a national newspaper over a report of remarks by the SVP’s southern regional president, Brendan Dempsey….(Full Story)

F4L: That is quite the article, it mentions it all: the State as father substitute whose generosity to match the average father has to earn twice the average industrial wage, that child support is a tax on sperm donations, that fathers are reduced to the role of ATMs, and much more.  The closing paragraph states:

A society that makes it almost impossible for men to stay in the lives of their children has no right to judge those who choose footlooseness and alienation rather than insanity and despair.

Unfortunately, as right-on-the-mark as that is, even though it is no more and no less correct than the advice that Stephen Baskerville, author of Taken into Custody, had offered to today’s young men: “Do not marry, Do not have children,” neither John Waters’ nor Stephen Baskerville’s warning will have any effect.

The systematic vilification of fathers and men will run its course and even gather momentum, until the very last family still trying to survive will have become crushed and destroyed.

That is the plan, the implementation of the international agenda for the planned destruction of the family.  It is nothing extremely personal against men, no.  It’s just that unfortunately men are the weakest link by whose breaking the whole family falls apart.

Certainly, it is unfair to children and their fathers, but hey, that is just collateral damage.  We are looking at social evolution in action, at the systematic destruction of the one social institution that evolved for ten thousand years to form a symbiosis with society – civilization – the traditional nuclear family.

It should excite you to see the age-old “patriarchy” finally destroyed, to have it make room for the new, so that out of the social rubble and ruins that litter the desert that our social landscape has become the social engineers that made it all happen can construct Paradise on Earth, the global socialist-feminist totalitarian State.


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