Fathers & Families Files Federal Suit to Block CS Guidelines

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From Glenn Sacks; article here. Excerpt:

Fathers & Families Files Federal Lawsuit to Stop New Massachusetts Child Support Guidelines

Several years ago Fathers & Families scored a major victory in Massachusetts, getting child support obligations reduced by an average of 15%. This victory has saved Massachusetts noncustodial parents over $1 billion since 2001.

Unfortunately, now noncustodial parents are under attack, as child support guidelines are being greatly increased.

Fathers & Families has filed suit in Federal District Court in Boston to stop the scheduled January 1 implementation of new Child Support Guidelines. The suit seeks a temporary injunction halting the use of the new guidelines until a full hearing can be held. It will be heard before Judge D.P. Woodlock on Monday, January 5 at 10 AM in courtroom 1.

Fathers & Families needs a big war chest to pursue its legal offensive.

Please support this effort with your tax-deductible gift to Fathers & Families, by clicking here. If you make your gift today, it is still eligible for a 2008 tax deduction. For those of you outside of Massachusetts, remember that a victory here could establish precedents that will help you in your state.

If you are in the Boston area, you must make it a point to attend the hearing on Monday. Judge Woodlock needs to see that our position has broad support. If you “leave it to the other guy,” it won’t happen. The hearing is expected to last between thirty and sixty minutes. Directions can be found here….(Full Story)


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