She shot him five times into the head

She shot him five times into the head – Sacramento, CA, USA

2008 12 30

Ellie Nesler Dies After Long Battle With Cancer

Ellie Nesler, who sparked a national debate about vigilantism after killing her son’s accused molester in a courtroom in 1993, has died of cancer. She was 56. She shot Daniel Driver five times in the head during a break in his preliminary hearing on charges of molesting four boys including her son….(Full Story)
F4L: It seems that there is always a reason why women can’t help themselves when they murder.  In this case, “… but her 10-year sentence was later overturned because of jury misconduct.  She cut a deal with prosecutors to plead guilty to manslaughter and get out after serving three years because she had breast cancer.”

Did you ever hear of a man being sentenced for murder or serving such a sentence getting out of prison after three years because he had cancer of the prostate?  Equal justice for all?  I think not.

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