Help find a missing child, Max-Gian

Help find a missing child, Max-Gian

Thanks to, Marco Al cade, USA, ID, Boise

Marco, as a Father, you speak for 1000’s of us Parents and GrandParents World-Wide.

I hope the large distribution thru the ** Father Friendly Data-Base?  ** which your message has gone too, will help find your Son, MaxGian.

At least I know where my Son Javan, now 13, is and see him sometimes.

However my powerlessness tears me a part.

Knowing and seeing him slip into his Mothers ways, will and subtle Parent Alienation attempts, is little conciliation now that the checks and balances caused thru  ** Equal Parenting ** have been torn away.

To have the New Zealand Govt, her Church, and many in the NZ Mens and Fathers movement, support her all the way as the bringing him to ManHood by his Father is steadily eroded, all caused by MSD-WINZ (NZ Social Welfare) refusing to recognise our ** Equal Parenting ** Orders

Go and the so called NZ Mens and Fathers movement having no teeth and/courage to Stand-UP against destructive NZFamily Law and Social Policy.

When the Governments of the World enshrine real ** Equal Parenting ** deep into their Family Law and Social Policy we will see a lot less of this USE and ABUSE of our Children

Sign the ** Equal Parenting ** Petition


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Confusing Christmas for father with missing son

Confusing Christmas for father with missing son

Story Created: Dec 25, 2008 at 2:03 PM MST

By Adam Rodriguez

BOISE – Christmas wasn’t the same for Boise father Marco Al cade. He was surrounded by family, but his son MaxGian is nowhere to be found.

“There’s a hole in my heart for sure, and there’s a hole in my life,” Al cade said.

You can’t walk into Marco’s home and not know a little boy lives there. Pictures of MaxGian’s smiling face are on all the walls, his bedroom is decked out in Boise State blue and orange, and there’s brightly-wrapped presents under the tree with the seven-year-old’s name on them.

“It’s hard, it just doesn’t feel like Christmas. It just doesn’t feel the same,” Al cade said.

Marco last saw MaxGian the day before Thanksgiving. The boy’s mother, Margaret ‘Micah’ Dunbar picked him up under shared custody and disappeared. State and federal authorities have been trying to track Dunbar down; Marco believes his former wife took MaxGian to Mexico . But it’s the not knowing – anything – that has Marco tied in knots.

“Some minutes I’m fine,” Marco said. “The next, you can hardly stand there without crying.”

It looks like Christmas at Marco Al cade’s home. There’s a red and white stocking with MaxGian’s name and presents that won’t be opened. For an overwhelmed father, it’s a confusing Christmas.

“It doesn’t feel like Christmas,” Marco said. “That’s not where my mind is. My mind is on my son and wanting to know he’s safe and wanting him home.”

Marco believes his son is in Mexico because he has MaxGian’s passport and Mexico is the only country kids can go to without that documentation.

MaxGian is 4 feet tall and about 55 pounds with brown hair and blue eyes.

Family members have set up a WEBSITE dedicated to helping find MaxGian.

Boise Police says Margaret “Maika” Dunbar-Al calde may also may go by the alias Margaret Sanchez-Dunbar.

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 343-COPS.

MaxGian also has a page set up on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children website. To visit that page click HERE


Find Max-Gian (Debajo en Español)

My son (Max-Gian) and my ex wife (Maika) are missing, and I am asking for YOUR help to find them.

I last saw my son when I dropped him off at 8:35am on the 26th of November at his Elementary School in Boise, Idaho.

His mother picked him up from the school at approx. 1:00pm the same day. At 7:30pm he called me from the LAX airport where he expected his older brother to pick them up. The older brother attends Biola University in La Mirada, California.

My son told me he was going to visit his brother and then visit his friend Joshua in Nevada. My son told me he loved me and had to go.

They never visited his friend in Nevada.

This was my last contact with my boy.

It is with both pain and determination I ask for your help to share this information with everyone you know and help us bring my boy home.

Please take a few minutes to look at the pictures, note the details about them, and share, share, share this with everyone you know.

Thank you!

Marco Al calde

How Will I Recognize Them?

Description of MaxGian: Age: 07 yrs, Height: 4′ 0″ (1.22 m), Weight: 55 lbs (25 kg), Hair: Brown, Eyes: Blue)

He is very active and extremely social when in a comfortable environment. He will likely cling closely to his mother when in a new or uncomfortable environment. He likes to play all sports, ride skateboards, play with toy light sabers and swords, assemble legos, dress up in costumes, and play video games.

He will refer to his mother as “mama”. His favorite foods are chicken tacos; taquitos; chicken strips with French fries; pasta with olive oil and salt; green peas; raw carrots, and pancakes.

Description of Maika: Age: 58 yrs, Height: 5′ 1″ (1.55 m), Weight: 110 lbs (50 kg), Hair: Black, Eyes: Brown)

She may be perceived as being shy or socially awkward. She is very cautious in new environments. Maika is strongly religious (Christian, non-denominational) and believes she is acting with God’s direction. It is likely she will visit one or more churches or Christian groups seeking spiritual and emotional support. She will gravitate to people willing to empathize with and help her. She has, and will express, very strong opinions about how people should live their lives. She will listen solely to Christian music. Maika is doting and controlling of MaxGian and will likely keep him very close to her. Maika is in good physical condition and if possible, will run and/or visit a gym daily. She is knowledgeable in nutrition, Pilates, and typically carries a wide range of supplements. She eats lots of different fruits and avoids bread (removing it from sandwiches). She will drive a small car or wagon. She strongly prefers warm tropical weather and speaks Spanish, Italian, French, German, and of course English.

Where Should We Look?

General Areas:  Southern California (especially San Ysidro), Arizona, Hawaii, Florida, Mexico, Caribbean Islands and Central/South America.

Specific Places: Churches, Gyms, Health Food or Supplement stores, transportation terminals.

How You Can Help?

Review this web site information carefully as YOU may have already seen them.

Forward a link of this web site to everyone you know, especially to people in the target areas.

Sign up for email updates so we can keep current on the status of this case.

Encourage the media in your area to air this story.

Donate if you can to help (see the “How You Can Help” Page).

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En Español

Mi hijo (Máximo-Gian) y mi ex esposa (Maika) son que falta y yo están pidiendo SU ayuda encontrarlos. Vi por último a mi hijo cuando lo caí apagado en el 8:35 el 26 de noviembre en su escuela primaria en Boise , Idaho . Su madre lo escogió para arriba de la escuela en aproximadamente el 1:00 P.M. el mismo día. En el 7:30 P.M. él me llamó del aeropuerto de LAX en donde él esperó que su más viejo hermano los coja. El más viejo hermano atiende a la universidad de Biola en el La Mirada , California . Mi hijo me dijo que él iba a visitar a su hermano y después a visitar a su amigo Joshua en Nevada . Mi hijo me dijo que él me amó y que tuvo que ir. Nunca visitaron a su amigo en Nevada . Éste era mi contacto pasado con mi muchacho. Está con dolor y determinación que pido su ayuda compartir esta información con cada uno usted sabe y que nos ayudo a traer mi hogar del muchacho. Tarde por favor algunos minutos para mirar los cuadros, observar los detalles sobre ellos, y la parte, parte, comparte esto con cada uno que usted sabe.


Marco Al calde

¿Cómo los reconoceré?

Descripción de MaxGian: Edad: 07 años, altura: 1.22 m, peso: 25 kilogramos, pelo: Brown, ojos: Azul)

Él es mismo active y extremadamente social cuando en un ambiente cómodo. Él se aferrará probablemente de cerca a su madre cuando en un nuevo o incómodo ambiente. Él tiene gusto de jugar todos los deportes, paseo anda en monopatín, juego con los sables de la luz del juguete y las espadas, montan legos, se visten para arriba en trajes, y juegos video del juego. Él referirá a su madre como “mama”. Sus alimentos preferidos son & del tacos de pollo; taquitos, tiras del pollo con las patatas fritas, pastas con el & del aceite de oliva; sal, guisantes verdes, zanahorias crudas, y crepes.

Descripción de Maika: Edad: 58 años, altura: 1.55 m, peso: 50 kilogramos, pelo: Negro, ojos: Brown)

Ella puede ser percibida como siendo tímida o social torpe. Ella es muy cautelosa en nuevos ambientes. Maika es fuertemente religiosa (cristiano, non-denominational) y cree que ella está actuando con la dirección de dios. Es probable ella visitará una o más iglesias o grupos cristianos que buscan la ayuda espiritual y emocional. Ella gravitará a la gente que quiere empathize con y ayudarle. Ella tiene, y expresará, las opiniones muy fuertes sobre cómo la gente debe vivir sus vidas. Ella escuchará solamente la música cristiana. Maika doting y está controlando de MaxGian, y probablemente lo mantendrá muy cercano a ella. Maika está en buenas condiciones físicas y si es posible, funcionará con y/o visitará un diario de la gimnasia. Ella está bien informada en nutrición, Pilates, y lleva típicamente una amplia gama de suplementos. Ella come las porciones de diversas frutas y evita el pan (que la quita de los emparedados). Ella conducirá un pequeño coche o carro. Ella prefiere fuertemente tiempo tropical caliente y habla español, italiano, francés, alemán, y por supuesto inglés.

¿Dónde debemos mirar?

Áreas generales: California meridional (especialmente San Ysidro), Arizona , Hawaii, la Florida, México, islas caribeñas, y central/Suramérica.

Lugares específicos: Al macenes de las iglesias, de Gyms, de la comida sana o del suplemento, terminales del transporte.

¿Cómo usted puede ayudar?

Repase esta información del Web site cuidadosamente como USTED pudo haber vistolos ya.

Remita un acoplamiento de este Web site a cada uno que usted sabe, especialmente a la gente en las áreas de blanco.

Firme para arriba para las actualizaciones del email así que podemos guardar la corriente en el estado de este caso.

Anime a los medios en su área que ventilen esta historia.

Done si usted puede ayudar (véase el ” Cómo usted puede Help” Página).

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