5 DWI incidents more important than a murder?

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Weatherford Democrat – Weatherford, TX, USA
2008 12 24

5-time DWI sentenced

Staff Reports

A five-time drunken driver with a blood alcohol concentration more than three times the legal limit was sentenced to eight years in prison by a Parker County judge in a trial held this week in Weatherford.

In rendering his sentence, Judge Don Chrestman told Kathryn Ann Vanderburgh, 56, of Saginaw, “Based upon the facts and the totality of your circumstances, I have nothing I can do to help you. I can help some people on the highways by keeping you off the highways, so I’m going to sentence you to eight years.”

Vanderburgh was arrested for a felony driving while intoxicated charge May 1….(Full Story)
F4L: The article also mentions that the fifth DWI offence occurred shortly after Kathryn Ann Vanderburgh had shot and killed her room mate.  However, the article states absolutely nothing about whether she was indicted and brought to trial for that murder.

It seems that those 5 DWI incidents are all that matters, and that perhaps it does not matter that Kathryn Ann Vanderburgh had committed a murder.


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