Woman shot her sister’s boyfriend

Woman shot her sister’s boyfriend

KRDO – Colorado Springs, CO, USA

2008 12 20

Affidavit Sheds Light On Murder

by Heather Skold

EL PASO COUNTY – A tale of last words is revealed in an affidavit of probable cause in the shooting death of Victor San Miguel, who died late Thursday night from a gunshot.

28-year-old Denise Presson faces charges of first degree murder, menacing with a deadly weapon, and possession of weapons by previous offenders.  Presson is accused of shooting and killing her sister’s boyfriend, Victor San Miguel….(Full Story)

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F4L:  The article explains that Denise Presson, the sister of Victor San Miguel’s girlfriend, shot Victor San Miguel in the chest – in the presence of what is apparently his 12-year-old son – because she saw in Victor San Miguel eyes that he was going to abuse his son, even though Victor San Miguel’s last words to his son were: “I love you.”

Although the article asserts that Denise Presson’s “Affidavit Sheds Light On Murder,” the affidavit is only a statement of the category “She said,” with the remaining portion of such an exchange, “He said,” no longer coming forth.  The accused victim cannot speak up in his own defence as he is quite dead.

Update 2008 12 31:

KRDO – Colorado Springs, CO, USA
Woman Charged With Murder

“She walked into that mud room and put the gun close to his chest and (told
him); ‘I have one last thing to say to you and she shot him,'” says
Holley….(Full Story)
F4L: Let’s hope that she will spend at least enough time in prison to give her a chance to get cured of her obviously severe crystal-meth addiction.  Whether that will be enough to keep her from being a danger to society remains to be seen and depends on how long she will remain locked up.

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