She killed, confessed to police and is now on the lam

She killed, confessed to police and is now on the lam

America’s Most Wanted – Washington, DC, USA

2008 12 15

Sherry Denise Halligan

Chicago authorities are trying to track down alleged killer Sherry Halligan, who they say confessed to the murder of Dennis Campbell. But she bolted before justice could be served and now police in LaGrange, Ill. and the Chicago FBI are on the hunt.

According to police, [an] argument turned ugly when Halligan grabbed a gun–and shot Dennis five times. Police say he probably would have lived if he had received medical attention immediately, but Halligan left Dennis lying on the floor, jumped in her car and sped off. Police say that Halligan drove around all night as he slowly bled to death in her home….

Police say Sherry Halligan told them everything, but apparently she wasn’t brave enough to stick around and face the music….

Halligan was released on bond and attended some of her initial hearings. But, agents say she eventually just stopped showing up for court….(Full Story)

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