Planned Parenthood protecting child rapist … again

2008 12 15

Planned Parenthood protecting child rapist … again

By Charlie Butts

….”Counselors in Washington, DC, encountered a 13-year-old girl going into a Planned Parenthood in the downtown DC area [who] was accompanied by her mother and her aunt,” Walker explains. According to the pro-life activist, following the abortion the aunt shared some information with sidewalk counselors outside the clinic.

“[S]he informs them that this little girl has been raped by the mother’s boyfriend, and the mother wants to keep the boyfriend,” says Walker…. Full Story (2018 04 24: That link no longer functions, but here is a link with that abortion story and a few more.)
F4L: Where was and is the natural father of the girl?  Just as importantly, what will that girl be like when she becomes an adult?

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