Equal Rights for Men: Affirmative action firing and hiring

Are things fair in that respect? No, they aren’t, not for as long as a man’s family depends on what he earns, as long as there are not equal numbers of waiters and waitresses, and as long as there are not equal numbers of men and women working as miners and construction workers.

The Boston Globe

2008 12 05

Losing jobs in unequal numbers

By Robert Gavin

1,069,000 fewer men are working than a year ago. 12,000 more women are working.

The careers of Neal Boyle and Scott Hacker couldn’t be more different. Boyle, whose education ended with high school, worked 20 years crushing rocks at the US Gypsum plant in Charlestown. Hacker, who holds an MBA, changed firms several times as he moved up the management ranks in New England’s financial services industry.

But today they find themselves in the same place: laid off and looking for work. And together they represent the face of the current recession, one that is overwhelmingly male.

Men are losing jobs at far greater rates than women as the industries they dominate, such as manufacturing, construction, and investment services, are hardest hit by the downturn. Some 1.1 million fewer men are working in the United States than there were a year ago, according to the Labor Department. By contrast, 12,000 more women are working….(Full Story)


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