The truth about domestic violence

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National Post

December 06, 2008

Fed on myths, preying on men

By Barbara Kay

November was Domestic Violence Awareness month. Truth in advertising suggests it should be Y-Chromosome Apartheid Month. Far from promoting “awareness” of a social problem or remedies for men and women with anger issues, the month is basically a radical feminist war dance around the Original Sin of maleness, cheered on by “progressive” media sympathizers….

But most damaging is the suppressed fact that even bilateral IPV in general is a relative rarity in our culture. A woman is more likely to be struck by lightning than killed by her spouse. IPV [intimate partner violence] simply isn’t the systemic epidemic that hysteria-mongering feminist organizations so shamelessly project…. Full Story (2018 04 25: The link no longer function, but a copy of the article is accessible here.)

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