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Ohio college adviser ran prostitute raffle

Ohio college adviser ran prostitute raffle Thanks to Karol Karolak: Wednesday, December 03, 2008 2:44 AM Subject: Social Worker Raffle, childrens aid sexual abuse worker, prostitute raffled off by academic adviser at OSU’s School of Nursing, and Real estate agent , DO YOU WANT CAS/CPS involved with YOUR children? Social Worker Raffle December 2, 2008 Ever wonder where those crown wards got the know-how to become prostitutes? Maybe they were counseled by the likes of Valise Dunn, a caseworker with Franklin County Ohio Children Services. She was the prostitute prize in a raffle. Police: Ohio college adviser ran prostitute raffle COLUMBUS, Ohio — An Ohio State University academic adviser and … Continue reading

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Woman Fatally Shot ‘Rude’ Man

Woman Fatally Shot ‘Rude’ Man Deputies: Woman Shot, Killed ‘Rude’ Man Local6.com – Orlando, FL, USA A 47-year-old Marion County woman was arrested on second-degree murder charges after she shot and killed a “rude” man she allowed to stay in her home, ….(Full Story)

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Pre-Thanksgiving Court Ruling Results In Father’s Suicide

DECEMBER 3, 2008 Contacts: Erik A. Cooper (954) 336-9977 JUDGE’S MISCONDUCT RESULTS IN MAN’S DEATH  Fulton Superior Court Judge Bensonnetta Tipton Lane’s Pre-Thanksgiving Ruling Results In Father’s Suicide  Memorial Protest Rally Planned Friday, December 5th ( Atlanta , Georgia December 3, 2008 )   On Sunday, November 30th, following a three-year divorce and custody battle played out in a Fulton County Superior Court, Alpharetta, Georgia resident Gregory Eisenhauer committed suicide after he received a ruling from family court judge Bensonnetta Tipton Lane one day before Thanksgiving essentially stripping Eisenhauer of any decision-making authority for his three young children. The case of Gregory Eisenhauer v. Anne Marie R. Eisenhauer was filed in February 2006.  … Continue reading

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