Unhappy feminist, regarding truth on domestic violence

People write to me.  This commentary concerns an unhappy feminist, regarding the truth on domestic violence.  It is never easy to make feminists happy.  It is rarely possible to make a feminist happy about the truth on anything, especially when the truth about domestic violence is concerned, but it does not hurt to try.  It is worth it to try and change an unhappy feminist into a happy one.

Hello Cosha,

Far from being uninformed on the topics you touched upon in your message, it seems to me that I studied those issues probably for more decades than you have been around, unless you are 72 years old, as I am.

First of all, as to “the two messages with this title at the top: Jehovah’s Witnesses are being subverted from within and begin program for vilifying men…”, you and your readers would be far better served if you were to replace such obtuse references with precise and convenient URLs.

I will insert a few references (in the form of links) and comments into the appropriate locations in your commentary.  Follow those links, enjoy the articles they lead to and become informed, if not deprogrammed, so as to prevent you from appearing excessively indoctrinated.


Walter Schneider

Cosha Baker wrote:

In regards to the two messages with this title at the top: Jehovah’s Witnesses are being subverted from within and begin program for vilifying men….

Thanks for the information you provided. I was doing a search on Jehovah witnesses and the prevalence of domestic violence and came across this page.

It is interesting to me when individuals are so “anti-feminist”. It seems as you are not very knowledgeable about the feminist movement, as your complaints are not entirely accurate. Feminists do not hate men [feminists do hate men], that is just ridiculous, they also are not militant, feminazis that are out to destroy family values. The women (and men) I know that identify as feminists have strong families, are good and loving parents, and promote gender equality and a nonviolent world.

Maybe some, I grant you that, but the reality is that when it comes to domestic violence, the most violent “families”, by far and per capita, occur amongst lesbians.

Hmm… not so terrible actually. The comments made by these two individuals were sexist and hateful regarding a movement they obviously do not understand and did not bother to research before spouting off their messages.

And which two individuals might that be?

Feminists, on the other hand, are not sexist or hateful in what they do, it is sad that there is such a misunderstanding when individuals insist on being ignorant about issues instead of well informed.

Yes, familiarity breeds contempt, and it is hard to recognize sexism and hatred by feminists when it stared us in the face for more than a century.  However, if feminists are so considerate, magnanimous and tolerant, how do you explain the vast differences in the life expectancies of the sexes?  I suppose that you may be inclined to concede that that difference grew from being virtually non-existent at the beginning of the last century to being, depending on country, in the range from about 5 to 14 years in the developed nations.  That is not a consequence of genetic advantages for women, it is the consequence of the sum-total of discrimination against men. After all, the facts that cause the vast difference in the life expectancies of the sexes are undeniable.

Now, in terms of what was said about the Watch Tower and domestic violence. Good for them. I was under the distinct impression that “Jehovah Witnesses” were patriarchal and condemned divorce even when a partner was being physically abused.

Oh, I see, you are not against families and fathers in families.  You are simply out to prove from your feminist perspective, and quite “objectively” to boot, I presume, that the patriarchy is a vast conspiracy by men against women.

This is why I was researching the topic, (so I am more knowledgeable before making unfounded comments). I’m still not sure where this religion stands in regards to domestic violence, but I am prepared to learn before forming an opinion.

Too bad that your research did not produce for you any citations of credible, reputable sources, isn’t it?

The VAST majority of individuals that are abused by an intimate partner are females. The VAST majority of the individuals that do the abusing are men. This is fact, it has been researched and proven over and over.

No, it is not a fact that has been proven by anyone, although many people sufficiently indoctrinated through feminist propaganda keep on asserting it, as you do.  The real and objective facts are vastly different.  You may educate yourself about what the truth really is by reading some of these articles on the topic.

So the fact that the individuals in the photos were women is actually very representative of the population this problem affects.

What photos would those be?

Now, there is a very small percentage of men who do experience domestic abuse.

You are very seriously mistaken about that, as you should be able to recognize from the results of the research on the topic I referred to you.  However, in case you are not yet convinced of that, have a look at these articles.

Unless this article specifically said this issue only pertains to women, then obviously the Watchtower did their job with research before putting the article out.

I see, provided any article is properly biased according to feminist doctrine it must not be considered to be sufficiently objective.

The population affected by domestic violence is women, not men, and so depicting men would not have been reasonable, and actually could have been offensive to individuals that are knowledgeable about this topic. Again, it is important to have some information about the topic you are ranting about before putting your opinion out there on the world.

Let’s get something correct here.  The one who is doing the ranting is you.  Ranting is all you can do, as you are clearly misinformed — deliberately and voluntarily.

I’m looking forward to learning more about this religion, and I’ll definitely keep an eye on your page.

Last, but not least, do not forget to look up:


Walter Schneider

Cc: Various men’s and fathers’ rights activists (via my mailing list) and http://blog.fathersforlife.or


Interest in men's rights vs. women's rights

Interest in men’s rights vs. women’s rights

PS. A few years have gone by since then.  Unhappy feminists abound, but the popularity of feminism declined somewhat.  Cosha never responded to what I illuminated.  I doubt that it was because she was turned from an unhappy feminist into a happy one.  Even if all women were to turn their backs on feminism, there would probably still be at least one unhappy feminist.  Her name would be Cosha.

The spike in the interest in women’s rights that occurred between Jan. 8 and Feb. 4, 2017 was due to the Women’s March on Washington that took place Jan. 21, 2017.  Was it worth the effort?  It was a last gasp, a flash in the pan and — after its initial glare was gone — it did not leave a lasting impression. Apparently, people have become tired of feminism.  Too much is too much.

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  1. Yes, she did, within about a couple of days after I answered her questions.

    She was quite polite and stated in essence that I had given her a fair bit to think about, and that she would file my response for when she would have more more time to study the issues in more depth.

    Whether she found the time to do that or not, she sent no further comments since then.


  2. Diogenes


    did she reply back?

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