Witch hunts past and present

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Historian examines witch hunts past and present

By: Susan Corica, Staff Writer

“Connecticut would have been the leader in witch hunting if it hadn’t been for Salem,” historian John Demos told a full house the Windsor Historical Society.

Demos is the author of the recently published “The Enemy Within: 2,000 Years of Witch-Hunting in the Western World,” and Samuel Knight Professor of History at Yale University. He is considered one of the foremost scholars on witch hunting….

The article states that,

Many parts of Europe were swept up in witch hunts, large and small, he said. It used to be thought that millions were killed, but now the best estimate is 50,000 to 100,000, “still a very large number.”….(Full Story)

Yes, that is a very large number, but one must consider that it represents the total number of witches executed over a period of 343 years, from 1450 – 1792.  That brings the annual average of executions of witches to about 146 to 292, considerably less than the millions of lives a year that modern-day witch hunts by totalitarian regimes claimed and still claim.

Let there be no mistake.  As many as half or perhaps more of the witches killed during the old witch hunts were men.  During more modern witch hunts, such as those that took place during the Stalinist purges in the USSR, about 96 percent of the tens of millions of victims that had been killed were men.  The killing of those men in the USSR is quite clearly discernible in its impact on the population pyramids for Russia and Ukraine.

That is most certainly not an issue that any self-respecting and self-centered feminist ever complained about and clamored for equal rights.  A more politically-correct view on the role of women in witch hunts then and now is provided in the following quote from the article:

During the question-and-answer period of his talk, he said explained that the accusers in the colonial witch hunts were about 50/50 men and women, but women were always the primary targets, whether in New England, Virginia, Europe, or in other eras or parts of the world…..(Full Story)

From the information provided in the remainder of this footnote it is clear that a statement like that can only be made by someone whose objectivity is perhaps somewhat blurred by looking at history through the feminist gender lens.  Contrary to all such feminists assertions, it was men who were at least at times and in modern times without a doubt always the primary targets of witch hunts.

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