Violent Women

It is a good thing that not all women are violent, but many women are.

It is a good thing that not all men fight back when women attack them, but some men do.  They sometimes live to fight back.  If men do fight back, they will live to regret that they did.

In our society it is alright for a woman to attack a man.  It is never alright for a man to defend himself against an attacking woman.

If it does not sit right with you that there is never an excuse for men to fight back against a woman, you better have a look at the video accessible a bit farther down.

The good thing about that video is that it shows that children are far more often the victims of violent women than most people think.  Children cannot fight back, even if they wanted to, especially not very small children.

So, are all men always bad and violent, as the feminists would have us believe, and are all women always good and innocent?  An answer to that is in the video by Bull Busters: Violent Women

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