Sweden: feminist slanders caped crusaders

Sweden: feminist slanders caped crusaders

By Ulf Andersson, PappaRättsGruppen,
The Father Rights Group, Sweden

Batman and The Joker reported to the police for assaulting and attacking female hairdresser Johanna Toftby, from the TV-show Single Mom Searching on TV3.

According to the newspaper Expressen, Ulf Andersson (Batman) says:

Johanna Toftby will be reported to the police for slandering and making a wrongful report to he police by giving false testimony. There will also be legal repercussions for the Newspaper Expressen.

We (Batman, The Joker and the cameraman Rainer) and our evidence on VHS, DVD, MP3 and CD present a completely different picture of the actual event than the picture that Johanna drew in Expressen”.

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  1. Update from Ulf:

    By, Ulf “Batman” Andersson, PappaRättsGruppen,
    The Father´s Rights Group in Sweden,

    No charges against the Caped Crusaders in Sweden

    No charges has been made against the Caped Crusaders in Sweden, Ulf Andersson (“Batman”) or Magnus Andersson (“The Joker”) concerning the so called assault on the female hairdresser Johanna Toftby, participate in a dating show on TV3 called Ensam mamma söker (Single Mom Searching).

    Recently Johanna dropped her clothes together with the two other moms (participants of the same show) to show sexy bra´s and knickers as what to buy for your wife/girlfriend as a Christmas Gift.

    What good role models for their daughters these mothers are! Mr. Svensson, the average blue collar Joe in Sweden = the public, doesn´t seem to mind at all.

    The charges against Johanna Toftby and the newspaper Expressen were dropped by the Chancellor of Justice (JK). This goes to show how much power the feminist media in Sweden really possesses. Even the Chancellor of Justice seems to be a feminist.

    I have tried to reach the reporter from Expressen to set the facts straight. But he didn´t want to answer my mail or return my calls I made to the editorial staff.

  2. Update from Ulf:

    The “assault” at the hair salon lasted about two whole minutes.
    We asked Johanna nicely if we could take her picture, and she agreed.

    After that she asked us who we were and why we were dressed like clowns.

    She wasn´t very pleased with the answer, and returned to her waiting customer. Then we just left to continue our direct action with visits to Childrens Welfare Offices and lower courts of the cities Mariestad and Skövde at the west-side of Sweden.

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