Fathers rights organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba

There are no fathers rights organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.  It is not possible to figure out why.  For years now, we were contacted virtually every day [on average two times a day during March 2018] with requests for information on and pointers to fathers rights organizations in Winnipeg or anywhere in the province of Manitoba.  Here is an example of such an information request.

Typical request for information about fathers rights groups in Winnipeg

Amelia [not her real name] wrote:

We are wondering if there is anyone in Winnipeg Manitoba to contact for some information or assistance in dealing with a nasty custody battle. The legal fees are huge and we are getting know where.
Amelia and Jim

Hello Amelia,

All custody battles are nasty, except for those people who like to engage in them because those battles provide some gains or an income.

Legal fees are not truly ever huge, but lawyers fees most often are. That is because lawyers have and maintain a monopoly on the services they provide. Even though judges are lawyers, too, they seem to cost not so much to normal mortals, except when one begins to consider how much social engineering is being done by the judiciary, what the costs of that are and that all of those costs are being paid for through tax revenues that are being sucked out of our pockets.

For about 30 years now I have been involved as an activist in issues such as those that threaten you now, but there never was any individual activist or fathers rights organization that anyone could be referred to in Manitoba.

Previously, a directory of Canadian equal parenting organizations never showed any listings for fathers rights organizations in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Still, Manitoba divorces, divorce courts and custody battles are just as devastating and destructive as are those in other provinces. However, as the identified directory shows, there is now one such organization in Manitoba, although I am not sure how or whether they can or will be of help to you.

If all else fails, consider that there is nothing preventing you from starting an effective and practical organization in Manitoba. Given the considerable number of inquiries about such (non-existent) organizations in Manitoba we received in Alberta over the years, the demand for services, advice and comradery offered by such an organization certainly appears to exist. It needs to be nothing more than the opportunity for parents in comparable circumstances to meet on a regular basis. It seems that a newspaper ad, run [in the classifieds] for about a week, would result in a good list of interested individuals.

[Note, 2013 04 23: This blog received 29 Fathers rights organizations Winnipeg — Search statssearch queries for things like “fathers rights Winnipeg” during the last week in March to the 11th of April.  It seems to me that there is enough interest in fathers-rights issues in Winnipeg that someone should grab the bull by the horns and get a group going. — Walter]

Note 2015 06 01

At long last, there is a fathers rights group that started up in Winnipeg:

Are you a dad? Feel like you have no rights as a father? Have not seen your children or worse, don’t know where they are? Support us, we are fighting for rights for fathers to be more involved with their children upon a divorces or separations from their spouses. Share, post and comment at our DADS page on Facebook!

Give the Winniped DADS page a look.]

Be careful about selecting a lawyer. We have often been asked for advice on that, so often that we posted some generic advice on how to select a lawyer, contained in the following articles.

Hope that helps,

Walter Schneider

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  1. manitobamama


    MANITOBA Winnipeg
    Looking for fathers/families to join the fight! Dads are getting the short end of the stick and we need to rally!


    please contact us

    we are currently attempting to represent ourselves in family court

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