The consequences of cooking a child

The consequences of cooking a child

By The Associated Press

2008 09 08

DAYTON, Ohio – A woman in Dayton, Ohio, has been sentenced to life in prison without a chance of parole for killing her baby daughter in a microwave oven…..(Full Story)

Mind you, this was her second trial, and her lawyer is already asking for a third one. It appears to be doubtful that this murderess will in the end receive the punishment she deserves. The only certain thing about this case is that it provides a plenitude of income for the legal industry.

The comments provided by readers of the story provide a bit more information as to the increasing lack of moral standards that brought us to the state where the microwaving of a child demands only a small space or none at all in the newspapers, and where the microwaving of a cat makes the front pages and international news.

I can’t help it, but it seems to me that we didn’t get our priorities so mixed up in the good-old days, when man still was the crown of creation.

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