Book Review: Save the Males

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Wake-up call aims to restore men to their rightful role

By Derek Lord


THE feminist movement has a new hate figure – someone who has inspired more loathing among its members than Hugh Hefner, Peter Stringfellow and all the other male chauvinist pigs you can think of – and, shock, horror, she’s a woman.

American author Kathleen Parker has written a book entitled Save the Males that challenges the foundations of 21st-century feminism. Bravely she contends that, initially, through extreme feminism and its adoption by western society, women have demonised men and trivialised their contribution, especially to family life.

Her passionate defence of the male sex and their worth in the world at large has had many women across the pond foaming at the mouth. They regard Parker as a traitor to her gender. She dares to suggest that in trying to make the world fairer for women they have made it grossly unfair to men….(Full Story)
Comment by Fathers for Life:

The book is available through

Save the Males: Why Men Matter Why Women Should Care, by Kathleen Parker

Book reviews at

Out of 21 reviews, 17 are rated 5 stars, and four are rated 1 star.  One of those 1-star reviews is by someone who didn’t read the book, proving that to be a feminist one neither has to be logical nor informed.  To be a feminist, one only needs to toe the party line and to be opposed to common sense.

There is another “save-the-males” book, published before Kathleen Parker’s collection of essays.  This one is more researched and less of a reflection of opinions.  In essence, it provides the references and rigorous factual information to Kathleen Parker’s book on the subject.  See:

Save the Males: Masculinity and Men’s Rights Redux
(2007, Paperback), by Richard Doyle (Author)

An earlier edition of that book was published as:

Save the Males: Common Sense on Gender and Family Issues (2006, Paperback, ISBN 978-1-4116-9633-4) by Richard Doyle

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