Woman strangles her four children

Updated 2018 09 22

Murder most foul as woman strangles her four children

August 1, 2008

Eunice Rukundo & Fred Muzaale

Kamwokya [Uganda]

The last time residents of Kamwokya Central Zone saw four-year-old Marion was about 2:30 pm on Wednesday, when she stormed out of their two-room home, looking shaken and in tears. Her mother, Margaret Kasande, was right at her heels yelling at her to get back into the house and eat.

Marion kept on running but her mother finally grabbed her, roughly dragged her back into the house, and locked the door. Neither Marion’s fright nor her mother’s ruthlessness bewildered the neighbours nor attracted their intervention.

They had seen it all too many times before and believed that what would follow, as usual, would be a thorough thrashing of the young girl.

“She always beat the children up so bad, we sometimes had to hide them in our house,” Andrew Mutesasira, one of the neighbours, who lives in the opposite house, recalled yesterday.

“On such occasions she would insult us and scream that they were her children and she would do with them as she pleases. She has even on several occasions said she would kill them if she wanted.”

Sometime on Wednesday afternoon, that threat came chillingly to life when Ms Kasande strangled her own children aged four, three and 18 months. Residents now fear that Marion might have been trying to flee for her life after watching her mother strangle her siblings, including her twin sister….(Full Story)


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