Nebraska CS rules and parenting or FR organizations

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This morning I had a call from a second wife in Nebraska (married for ten years, with a husband who has to pay child support for a 12-year-old daughter from a previous marriage).

The woman told me that she is trying to find help with putting an end to frequent and escalating demands for child support increases for that 12-year-old daughter from a previous marriage of her husband.

She stated that she has two children of their own with her husband and that it seems to her that she, her husband and her husband’s two youngest children have second-class status in relation to that oldest daughter of her husband.

I found some information on child support issues in Nebraska.

Check the web page at this link:

Other than that, it it obvious from the search results I found that it will be very difficult or perhaps impossible for me to find better results.  Maybe all Nebraskans are happily married (just kidding).

If you know of any organizations in Nebraska that deal with fathers rights, child-support- or child access and custody- or equal-parenting issues, please be so good and e-mail about the contact details (or respond to this posting).



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